Seeds of Divinity Concept

Aquitain the Modron

The original concept of the story started with a challenge with my son Timothy to create a short story. I chose to write a story of about 50 pages based on one of my Dungeons and Dragons characters called Aquitain the modron. I wrote the story over a period of several weeks and showed it around the game group. My son planned a story but never got around to writing it so I can claim that I won the challenge.

I guess the story stimulated my imagination so I started adding to it until it grew to about 200 pages long. At this stage it was a mess. A patchwork of ideas and concepts with no clear direction. I had a professional reviewer look at the story to give me some feedback. The result was disappointing. The charcterisation was poor, the style horrible and it lacked flow and continuity but some of the ideas and concepts were good. The reviewer recommended that I restructure and rewrite the whole story. Quite disheartening to say the least!

World Creation

At this stage I decided that if I was going to continue writing this story it was time to do the job properly. I spent a few weeks planning the whole story. I worked out a plot with good ending and a structured plan to get there. I realised that my story needed a place to happen so I set about creating an new alternate reality rather than use one from a source such as the AD &D worlds.

A good part of my scientific life had been spent mathematical modelling. Consequently, I used this experience and created a new dual-dimensional universe, composed of coterminous physical and non-physical (spirit) realms. I created a set of physical laws and rules that governed the transfer of matter, energy and magic essence between and within realms. Then I constructed, a reason for it all to exist, a history, timeline, gods, worlds, creatures, creature behavior, religious beliefs and a scheme of magic etc that would exist within it. This is a document of about 100 pages. This is the reality where the story exists.

Plot and Characters

In true epic fantasy style the basic story line is a quest in which the main characters at first weak and indecisive travel through a dangerous landscape, meet strange creatures, make new friends and enemies, overcome difficult challenges and try to survive. In contrast to most fantasy stories I have used the lawful vs chaos motif rather than the more common good vs evil one. The main quest (about divinity seeds) is clouded in mystery at first but several subplots slowly reveal it.

The first book is set mainly in a jungle environment to provide a hazardous enviroment with plenty of natural and a few supernatural challenges and chances for our heroes to grow in confidence. There's little magic in the jungle and the use of magic by the main characters is minimal at the start but grows as the story develops. Consequently, the heroes are always at a disadvantage and in danger. It's how they use their meagre resources and their cunning that makes the story interesting.

To add a little spice one of the main subplots is a strange love affair between the hero and the heroine primarily as both can shape change to other creatures although never to the same type of creature at the same time. The priestess heroine is also afflicted with a curse that ensures her chastity to further complicate their problems.

An essential component of the story requires that the philosophical concept of duality of spirit and body exists. Thus in this story the mind is housed in the spirit as an organelle and the spirit uses the body as a container and vehicle. By creating a working model of a spirit it was possible to create a set of properties for it thus allowing me to determine what was and wasn't possible for a character in non-physical (spirit) form. Hence we have both corporeal and non corporeal characters and creatures both lawful and chaotic.

The main races of sentients in the first book are the newmans which are analogous to humans; the Logicons are slime creatures that use metal box -like containers as homes like hermit crabs; the little people which are dog sized reptilian looking people; the Crin, which are giant ants; the gnomes and the elementals. The creatures in the jungle are analagous to earthen jungle creatures although often quite exotic. Other races of sentients and creatures are discovered in the later books.

The story is designed for mature readers of 18 or greater.


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What is a Divinity Seed?

A divinity seed is a small piece of divine knowledge forbidden to mortals but highly sought after by the Powers and gods.

Who are the Heroes?

The male hero is a newman (a mortal human-like person) called Aquitain who is a young mercant mind wizard.
His female friend is a newman priestess of nature called Miranda.

What is mind magic?

Mind magic in this story is similar to psionic magic found in other stories. It allows mental communication via telepathy and deceptive and coercive effects such as charm, domination, suggestion, aversion and illusion.

Where is the story set?

The story starts in the physical realm in a magical city called Panmagica but quickly moves to the tropical paradise jungle world of Mudrun where most of the events in book 1 take place.

In book 2 the story moves to another cold, dark and icey world called Moonmist which can only be entered by passing through a mysterious gateworld called Astaria.

In book 3 the story moves between the three worlds and we discover the existance of the non-pfysical realm but don't yet get access to it. This occurs in the second trilogy.

What is a gateworld?

Many of the worlds are joined by gateways which are portals between worlds. Some of the worlds have dramatically different physical / spacial characteristics. These worlds are separated by a small gateworlds which are effectively independant city/states within the portals which act as halfway houses allowing people to adapt and equip for the different conditions between worlds.

Gods and Powers

There is an evolution of powerful entities from mortal sentients through lesser Powers, greater Powers, lesser gods and finally greater gods. Divinity Seeds can help them along their paths. So while they are not generally interested in individuals they may make an exception if a Divinity Seed is involved.