About the Author

Des Pensable is the pen name of retired scientist Des Maddalena

Picture of Des and Jo at Byron Bay Literature Festival 2015

Des has spent most of his life in Sydney, Australia where he currently lives with his partner Joanne. He has a PhD in neuroscience and worked as a biomedical scientist where he published widely in several areas of science. He loves camping and bushwalking. He's travelled widely around the world including the the jungles of northern Australia, Indonesia and the Amazon, Consequently its not surprising that the Divinity Seeds story starts in a post apocalypic jungle setting.

Since retiring, he’s been a keen writer of poetry, stories and philosophy which appear on his web, blog site and on line literary publications. He's an environmental activist keen to stop Global Warming and he's also a performance poet that appears regularly in venues around Sydney.

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If you're keen on Global Warming activism or Poetry

SCIFI and Fantasy

Des is an avid scifi and fantasy fan. He has watched most of the scifi and fastasy films produced over the last 40 years and read countless books on the genre. He played AD&D with his kids and friends for many years, loves computer based RPGs like Baldur's Gate, Never Winter Nights and Dragon Age and has spent many late nights playing World of Warcraft and Rift. Des's WOW character Quantain shown below is a L80 druid.

Des's Divinity Seeds trilogy draws on a wide knowledge of scifi and fantasy stories, a love of RPG action and an avid interest in philosophy of the mind. The story considers what could happen in a world where duality of mind and body is a reality. It would be scary!

Des doesn't believe in dualism and is more comfortable with a physicalist view of mind (anomolous monism sounds suitably chaotic.) He sees fantasy as a way to explore dualist concepts and show the problems that can arise under such models of reality.

Des Pensable, 4th October, 2016.

Other Stuff

Des and Jo at a poetry session in Sydney

Des at Byron Lit Fest 2015

Here's an early cover idea from a scene in Visions of Chaos.

You'll probably agree the current covers are much better..

Des's Druid Avatar Quantain

About Moon Font

The strange looking writing at the bottom of each page is called Moon font...it's used by partially blind people to read in a similar way to the more commonly known Braille.

Des is proud to help those with poor vision find out more about how to read with their fingers Moon Literacy